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Black Valleycore T-Shirt
Sale item due to minor stains
Medium $10.00

Black VF Tank

Medium $15.00

Texas T-shirt

Medium $20.00

Texas Tank

XS $20.00
S $20.00
M $20.00
L $20.00
XL $20.00

VF Headband

One Size $20.00

Other COOL Items

WodNDone Hand Protection
*Each pair is Individually packaged in a sealed foil packaging
*Self Adhesive and Single Use assures fresh pair every time
*Made of custom tape designed to take the beating instead of your hands
*Maintains that natural feel of the bar you are looking for
*Measures 9.25in x 3in
1 Pair $2.00
3 Pairs $5.00
10 Pairs $16.00
20 Pairs $27.00

WODnDONE Thumb Protection
Made from the same material as their signature hand protection, it is also designed to stay on and take the beating. 1 Pack consists of 12.
1 Pair $1.00
1 Pack $5.00
2 Packs $10.00
4 Packs $17.00
6 Packs $25.00


Water Bottle
1 $1.00